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Author - Richard Whitaker

After graduating from Monash University in Science in 1968, Richard Whitaker was conscripted and served two years in the Army, ending his military career as an infantry junior officer with 5th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment.

He joined the Bureau of Meteorology soon after and began a public service career that would last some thirty-one years.

Dick left the Bureau in 2002, but never lost the “weather bug” and came out of retirement to begin his own meteorological consultancy business. He was Chief Meteorologist with Sky News Weather up until 2016 and appeared regularly on radio and television.

Author - J.B May

Hailing from the suburbs of Sydney Australia Jessica grew up in testosterone-fuelled surroundings, overwhelmed with football, fighting and alpha male prowess. To escape the ferociously masculine world her five brothers created around her she turned to the far-off lands of books for salvation.

When Jessica’s own creative thoughts could no longer be contained and the pages of the books she read didn’t fulfil her needs she turned her vivid imaginings towards paper and pen. In writing she discovered a kind of freedom she had never known, the euphoria consumed her. Writing like a woman possessed she beckoned the world of her dreams from the deepest recesses of her mind and thrust them into reality.

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