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Author - Jennifer Navin

I have always enjoyed writing and reading the written word. Riding the Rainbow is my first book. It is written over many years and spans two centuries. With time, there is progress and change but the essence of the message in the book remains unchanged with time and will continue to do so.

There will always be an element of risk in pregnancy and childbirth.

There will always be families who have been affected by the shock of disability.

There will always be a need for medical, therapy and social assistance for these families.

Author - Joni Scott

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Joni Scott Ryall lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia with her husband and small Lhasa dog, Mix.
After graduation from Sydney University, she worked as an organic chemist and biochemist in hospitals and industry. Later she home-schooled her two children and embarked on another career running a tutoring business. Joni has found this new role of helping and motivating high school students most fulfilling. She believes it is never too late to learn or write a book. Whispers through Time is her debut novel, inspired by her sister’ s family research.

The Last Hotel is her second novel based on the author’s real-life experience.

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