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Trust Like A Child

“Trust Like a Child” does not mean blissful disregard of who should be trusted, but means as a child would trust and respond to a consistent loving and secure relationship with the Living God… no fear, doubt or cynicism, when grace and peace are confirmed in kindness.

There is great personal danger in stubbornly trusting in ideologies or ancient cultures, which are devoid of God’s Grace to Save. Often this leads to a place of despair, where hopes and dreams are ruined.

Foolish thoughts and actions of a naïve, stubborn child are grounded in untrustworthy feelings and emotions in which, there is no stable foundation of Truth. A steadfast child though, who trusts in the Living God, receives wisdom, understanding, and protection in life on Earth and eternally beyond. This child is free indeed.

Grace Faith & Everlasting Peace

By God’s grace we are saved through faith, (trust) in Jesus Christ. Eternal life and relationship with the Living God does not come through our works… neither religious or physical striving. New everlasting life and peace are free gifts from God, poured out in His love for us and all we need to do is receive.

“GRACE FAITH and Everlasting Peace” is about knowing the Living God; His great love for everyone born to Earth; and with a few other amazing things included throughout the pages.