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The Author Academy Bookstore is an Australian based company that was derived from Author Academy and Sue Kennedy Publishing. Sue created these businesses so that people could write their stories and share them with others. Her belief is that everyone has a book in them (or maybe more than one!).

Our business was founded on the basis of helping others to achieve their dreams and to have a positive impact on not only the authors that wrote the stories but also to help the readers enjoy, heal and laugh!

We understand all the hard work that goes into getting your book from a thought all the way to publishing and that is why we have created the Author Academy Bookstore. Our bookstore is all about giving back to the author. That is why we are making sure that they get a bigger return on their investment. What does this mean? It means we give the majority of the profit to the authors!

Our Purpose

To give a much higher profit margin for each sale of our authors books and to provide our customers with a wide range of amazing books.


To provide a platform that will create successful sales for our authors which is a great way to give back to our authors, and to provide a bookstore that our readers will come back to each time.


We treat our authors, customers and planet with the respect they deserve. We are always looking at ways to improve our service as our business grows.

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Our mission is to give our customers the best experience with quality products & services.

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Riding the Rainbow

Riding the Rainbow


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Hidden Treasures


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