Stripes in the Shadows eBook



General realistic fiction – a story for every Australian, equally suitable for all ages, from teenager to senior citizen.

As a boy Leo Thomas had his photo taken with the last thylacine in captivity at Beaumaris Zoo – it dies 2 days later. The experience led Leo to become one of Australia’s most noted naturalists.

In 2010, Leo turns 80 – now a widower living on the edge of a pristine Tasmanian forest operating his injured wildlife clinic. This pristine forest is threatened by corporate logging interests who commission a not so independent viability study. Leo’s estranged grandchildren arrive for a connect-visit at exactly the wrong time and everyone has to struggle to know each other and learn each other’s points of view. Fate helps this along with the help of an unlikely local woman and her granddaughter.

Having his protests hit a bureaucratic wall, Leo surreptitiously sabotages some of the viability study’s activities and becomes a target – his clinic is viciously attacked and the message gets through; Leo is scared for the safety of his children and backs off. The head of the viability study coincidentally discovers evidence of a live thylacine in the forest, but it is Leo and his grandchildren who find and rescue the sedated animal.

When the head of the viability study tries to kidnap the animal the corporation sends in their assassins to kill the animal and anyone with it leading to a standoff where Leo puts himself in harms way….
This is being released as an eBook only during the continuing COVID19 restrictions.