A North Shore Buddhist


Jacquie knows all about challenges. The young country girl living in the ‘red brick house’ in the far west of NSW, turns away from the notion that God will fix everything. She then moves on to boys as her next possible fix.

After a devastating loss, as a young adult she moves to Sydney or ‘the big smoke’ as her father calls it. She develops a passion for money and men, whilst a spiritual quest for the meaning of life sits in the back of her mind occasionally making its presence known.

The right guy seems to be an illusion, as she battles through relationships and life altering traumas. Her friends and family together with her irrepressible sense of humour, keep her moving forward, even amongst the darkness threatening to unravel her world.

Walk with Jacquie as she experiences a myriad of emotions, from the joyous heights of happiness to the depths of sadness testing her will to battle on.

“I found myself laughing hysterically one minute and in tears the next, always wondering if Jacquie would have the strength to overcome her many trials. A stunning must read debut novel.” ~ Sue Kennedy

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