Our Author Highlight of the Month: Jennifer Navin

Author of the month - Jennifer Navin


Jennifer Navin

I am my own person and to me family is everything.

My dream of doing medicine was not to be realised, when in year twelve I knew I would not get the grades needed to study medicine, so I entered nursing at Royal North Shore Hospital and loved every minute of my time there. After a stint at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne I left for Europe and the ubiquitous bus trip, a right of passage for the young Australian back in the late seventies.

With Danica’s death, I reached crossroads and decisions needed to be made on where my career was to go. I did go to University as a mature aged student and over the years of juggling parenthood, part time work and study I gained a Bachelor of Nursing, Diploma of Gerontology and a Masters in Aged Care Management.

Books by Jennifer Navin

Riding the Rainbow

Riding the Rainbow

My story of Danica’s six years of life is based purely on our personal experiences and in no way reflect the experiences of other persons.

In reflection, I hope that this book will help those families of newly diagnosed children who have a disability. Your world will feel as though it has collapsed and will wonder; Why me? Why us? Is it worth it?

Believe me, it is worth it and then some. The journey does take time, love and a lot of patience to make it through each day but with the dawn there is always a new day.

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