Our Author Highlight of the Month: Joesy Knibbs


Joesy Knibbs

Joesy is a short story & poetry author who has come from the inner suburbs of Sydney. As a shy city girl, she met a country boy and moved to the north west country town of Gulgong. It was there she learned to manage a pig farm and observed the differences in people and the similarities in animals of all kinds.

Tragedy struck when her husband had a terrible accident which was the driving force for them to move, they settled into the Hawkesbury where she now lives with her family. When Joesy isn’t taking care of her family, she likes to write amazing children’s stories and poetry regarding women’s issues, and occasionally enjoys supporting her grandsons while watching them play rugby league.

Books by Joesy Knibbs

Gerome the Great

Gerome the Great!

When it comes to playing Rugby League, Gerome is a great team member. He is tough and ready to tackle. He plays the game showing his sportsmanship and courage. Learning to be fair at all times. It is important for Gerome and his teammates to play the game with fairness while encouraging other teams to do the same.

It is game day! Gerome and his teammates are looking forward to play their game of Rugby league. Gerome’s running, tackling and kicking skills demonstrate how tough he really is. Come and have fun with Gerome and his teammates…………..

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