The Top Emerging Published Authors for 2020

Emerging Authors 2020


Meet the amazing emerging published authors for 2020...

J.B May

Hailing from the suburbs of Sydney Australia Jessica grew up in testosterone-fuelled surroundings, overwhelmed with football, fighting and alpha male prowess. To escape the ferociously masculine world her five brothers created around her she turned to the far-off lands of books for salvation.

Author of: Unveiled & Awakened

Jennifer Navin

I have always enjoyed writing and reading the written word. Riding the Rainbow. is my first book. It is written over many years and spans two centuries. With time, there is progress and change but the essence of the message in the book remains unchanged with time and will continue to do so.

There will always be an element of risk in pregnancy and childbirth.

There will always be families who have been affected by the shock of disability.

Author of: Riding the Rainbow

Joesy Knibbs

Joesy is a short story & poetry author who has come from the inner suburbs of Sydney. As a shy city girl, she met a country boy and moved to the north west country town of Gulgong. It was there she learned to manage a pig farm and observed the differences in people and the similarities in animals of all kinds.

Author of: Gerome the Great!

Millie Jackson

Millie Jackson writes novels and short stories that feature an honest exploration of contemporary issues. Whilst she often uses a humorous approach in her writing, she also delves into the difficult topics of addiction, domestic violence, eating disorders and spirituality.

Author of:

The North Shore Buddhist

Sonia Young

Sonia Young grew up on a hobby farm at Vineyard in the Hawkesbury Area of NSW. After getting married she moved to a nearby suburb and raised three children. She discovered the gift of poetry at the age of forty four. Embracing this gift she went on to write over 30 poems. Most of which are contained in this book. Being the first book of poems she has written she hopes it will be well received.

Author of:

My Poetic Journey & Hidden Treasures

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